TigerClawRL 7DRL

2021 entry into the 7DRL challenge.  I wanted to further develop a 3D momentum movement and combat system that I had a rudimentary system for last year.  A Wing Commander type clone with procedural mission generator was the goal but I could only manage an endless wave mode like the arcade cabinet TrainSim in Wing Commander 1.

Your ship can move in 3D space with momentum.  Use the mouse scroll wheel (or equivalent) to move up and down z levels, diving and rising the camera through space.  You are interacting with 1 Z level slice at a time, like a single pancake in a stack.  You can see above and below you current z level, the further away from your z level the darker the object will be.  

Ships have an indicator around them that can help you tell if the ship is above or below you.  When a ship is off screen an indicator will appear on the edge of the screen in the direction of the ship.  When a ship is targeted the box line will double.

You can pan the camera by clicking and dragging with the left mouse button.  If you loose sight of your ship and can't get back to it press [c] to center on you ship.

[T]arget enemy ships with the t button.  Your ship will automatically fire its lazers at any [t]argets ship that crosses it's line of fire.  You can fire missiles with the [enter] button.  You can change these buttons in the options.  I'm very sorry I didn't have time to implement full keyboard support.  I'll come back to add it after submission if I can.

There are "health bars" at the bottom of the screen. The bottom left is your ship and the bottom right is the targeted enemy. Double bars are your shields. When you run out of shields single bars indicate you are down to armour.  If you run out of armour the section will be empty and your core systems will be exposed.  The center block is your core components health. As it is damaged it will move from a solid block down through the gradient solid blocks until your ship blows up.

You get front, back, left, and right of both shields and armour.  The core is a single central value.  If a core reaches zero the ship blows up.  Shields don't regen, that didn't make it into the 7drl either. 

Lasers hit one location section at a time.
Missiles splash and damage all sections.


If you don't target the enemy ship your ship won't fire at it.


t: cycle target through enemy ships
enter: fire missile at targets enemy ship
c: center on you ship
f: follow enemy ship (fun for demo mode)
-: zoom out (shrinks font, displays more characters)
=/+: zoom in (grows font, displays less characters)
(zooming has a direct correlation to performance since this is a canvas2d engine and each character/glyph is "stamped" into a main render canvas)


Game Mode: Fight wave after wave of enemy ships for as long as you can.
Demo Mode: Watch the AI battle it out.

Development log


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I think this game might be suffering from something similar to the JoustRL performance issues last year - my computer fan starts spinning wildly within a minute, CPU utilization from Chrome helper spikes, and the game got stuck on me within a couple minutes :(


oh yea, one of those "works on my machine" things : (
Testing on another device and I got the freeze.  The CPU madness and freeze without crash looks like an infinite loop somewhere : (
I'll dig into it and see if I can release a 7drl+fix version :thumbsup


Fixed version is release. It is still a performance hog but at least it doesn't crash.  thanks!